In our happy place 🌞 🧘‍♂️ KS2 at HPAM are feeling very zen today thanks to our mindfulness workshop.


We had a great turn out yesterday for our Yr6 SATs meeting! Thank you so much for coming!If you didn’t get a chance to attend the meeting and would like more information please email


Need a belt for your tools? Then look no further… HPAM’s year 6 have been working on their sewing and have built strong, reliable tool belts. DisclaimerThis isn’t a real AD


A reminder that if you missed this mornings SATs meeting, there’s another one at 3.45pm. We look forward to welcoming you.


Reception today independently wrote a healthy shopping list 🛒


HPAM were so lucky last week to have a Chinese dragon dance workshop for the whole school. The children loved learning a new style of dance as well as being able to hold the magnificent dragon 🐉


An amazing piece of home learning by Leo in Percival class of a model jetty house, linked to his learning on the Great Fire of London.


Year 1 enjoyed an Yves St Laurent style fashion show this afternoon, inspired by their focus artist Piet Mondrian. Their focus today was on showing how two primary colours make a secondary colours and made these wonderful tunics. 🔵+🔴=🟣


Year 1 have loved their learning on Sydney, Stella and the Moon so much that they created their own newspaper article of all their newspaper articles. Can they figure out where the moon has gone? 🌒


Well done Eesa in Percival class for his amazing home project, showcasing his knowledge of his Art learning on Georgia O’Keeffe and History learning on the Great Fire of London. We are very proud of you!


KS1 really loved their virtual author visit today by where she dressed up and immersed them in a story, as well as teaching them to draw their very own Unipiggle 🦄 🐖


The naughty elves have been ruling the roost at HPAM for the past few weeks. At least we’ll all get a rest now until next year 🎄


It’s behind you! HPAM really enjoyed the Robin Hood pantomime this week 🎭


Well done Cillian in Coelho class for his amazing home project on the world’s continents! We were so impressed with the knowledge you remembered and the amazing extra information you found out. Well done!🌍


Year 2 loved their trip to Hampton Court this week where they got to share all of their knowledge about the Tudors.


Thank you for coming in and talking to the children about the true meaning of Christmas 🎄


Year 1 have been learning about the story Stick Man this week. They had a wonderful time making their own stick men and writing character descriptions based on these.


Well done Ridamveer in Percival class for his amazing home learning on the life cycle of plants 🪴


Thank you to HPAM PTA for the the magical Christmas fair today! Santa’s grotto was the biggest hit 🎅


Year 4 had an amazing time learning about volcanos and earthquakes yesterday, and even helped save volcano town for a disaster 🌋

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office

















Our learning in the Additional Resource Base


At the HPAM ARP we follow the National Curriculum however it is adapted to the level of the children.   The ARP is considered a mainstream setting with an adapted environment to meet the needs of children who find a bigger class over stimulating.  

The classes in the ARP are smaller with more structure including visual symbols to support with independence and routine.  Through our learning environment we aim to reduce anxiety around sensory needs as well as the learning being delivered at a slower pace.  

Our predicatable day ensures the children know what to expect. 

By adapting the language and delivering the work in a way that the children can access independently not only boosts their confidence but ensures they continue to thrive in an educational setting.


  • We follow the Harris Federation Curriculum for all Foundation Subjects

  • We follow Ruth Miskin Read Write Inc as our Phonics Scheme

  • Our teachers take the key texts from their mainstream partner class and adapt the learning for English

  • The school uses White Rose Maths for all numeracy based lessons

  • We use Attention Autism to build attention and focus with our younger children 


All pupils are included in some weekly mainstream lessons, the ARP team work with the Educational Psychologist to decide frequency and year group, to help build their social skills and further enhance their learning experiences. 

There are some children in our ARP who attend lessons in the mainstream classes. This is reviewed and changed regularly depending on the child's ability to manage the environment and the pace of learning. 


All children are assessed regularly to ensure they are progressing within their learning environment through standardised tests and phonics checks.

We have 3 classes - Deacon, Cowell and Grey Class.  

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                               Deacon Class                                      Cowell Class                                Grey Class