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And we are on our way home. What a fantastic time at Kingswood! The children are looking forward to seeing their adults!


The last activity of the week! Testing their nerves on ‘The Leap of Faith’!


Such great climbers and fear conquerors!


More Equilibrium!


A fantastic start to the final day at Kingswood. Starting off with Equilibrium!


Packed and ready to go before another morning of high wire activities!


Disco time at Kingswood! Y5 ready to show off their dance moves!


Proud of everyone giving it their best in fencing!


Bear Grylls would be proud.


Blindfolded obstacle course!


Robin Hood eat your heart out!


Good morning from HPAM starting off with a morning of Archery. Take a bow for hitting the targets!


Coming to the end of a great day filled with orienteering, fire building, zip lining and problem solving. Topped off by a beautiful bedtime story by Miss Saj!


They were fire starters…


Learning how to survive and build fires in the wild. Things are heating up!


A well deserved lunch before orienteering, bush lighting and aeroball


Birds eye view

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