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Thank you Pastor Deji and his team from who came in to do a lovely assembly about Easter this week. The children loved it!


Year 3 & 4 enjoyed an interactive kindness workshop this morning and then completed acts of kindness. They then wrote letters of appreciation, poems, thank you cards and more to share with a friend or family member.


HPAM’s newest members 🐥


4 little ducks went swimming one day… Our eggs have hatched! How cute are our little ducklings? 🐥🥹


Year 3 & 4 enjoyed an interactive kindness workshop this morning and then completed acts of kindness. They then wrote letters of appreciation, poems, thank you cards and more to share with a friend or family member.


Last week was extremely busy at HPAM with lots of events, one of them being Year 1’s trip to London Zoo! It was a lovely trip that enriched the children’s learning of animals and their habitats in science.


We just can’t stop sharing! What a fantastic and eventful World Book Day! Here are some more highlights from todays events. Reading webinar with THE author of Investigators series £1 book tokensDesigned book covers and book marks and so much more!


is a celebration of reading for pleasure.Our mission is to change lives through a love of books and reading.We want to know how you're encouraging children to - show us with the hashtag!


Look at this amazing book cover designed by one of HPAM’s very own!


The children shared stories with other children across the year groups. Check out all the lovely reading! Now World Book Day may have come to an end but here at HPAM our love for reading will never end.


The children thoroughly enjoyed their book parade 📚


What an incredible day! HPAM students and staff brought story books to life and were immersed in an incredible day of reading and fun and interactive story book activities.


is a celebration of reading for pleasure.Our mission is to change lives through a love of books and reading.We want to know how you're encouraging children to - show us with the hashtag!


In our happy place 🌞 🧘‍♂️ KS2 at HPAM are feeling very zen today thanks to our mindfulness workshop.


We had a great turn out yesterday for our Yr6 SATs meeting! Thank you so much for coming!If you didn’t get a chance to attend the meeting and would like more information please email


Need a belt for your tools? Then look no further… HPAM’s year 6 have been working on their sewing and have built strong, reliable tool belts. DisclaimerThis isn’t a real AD


A reminder that if you missed this mornings SATs meeting, there’s another one at 3.45pm. We look forward to welcoming you.


Reception today independently wrote a healthy shopping list 🛒


HPAM were so lucky last week to have a Chinese dragon dance workshop for the whole school. The children loved learning a new style of dance as well as being able to hold the magnificent dragon 🐉


An amazing piece of home learning by Leo in Percival class of a model jetty house, linked to his learning on the Great Fire of London.

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office

















ASD Base (ARP)

Our Additional Resource Base (ARP) is one of five Primary ARP’s within the Borough of Merton.  We are one of four that is specifically for children who have a diagnosis of Autism as their primary need.  Shelley Towersey is Assistant Principal and responsible for the ARP. 

ARP Tours

Please contact the school office for an appointment to view the ARP

Click here to see the suitability criteria for our ARP.

If you would like to discuss a place for your child in the ARP, Please contact the Merton SEN Team.  

Who is the ARP for?

The ARP is for twenty-two, primary aged pupils, from Year 1 to Year 6,  diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder or Complex Communicate Needs. All of the pupils have an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP). Places in the ARP are allocated through the London Borough of Merton's Special Educational Needs Panel.   

How does my child gain a place in the ARP?

Applications for the ARP are separate to mainstream admissions.  Children who currently attend our maintstream will have to go through the same process as all other students requesting a place at the ARP. If you wish to apply for a place in Harris Primary Merton’s ARP you will need to contact your child’s assigned case worker.  They will submit your child’s EHCP and supporting documents to Merton’s ARP Panel, which is held half termly.  Your child’s case will be discussed by a team of professionals, including ARP managers and school principals, where a decision will be made on whether your child’s needs would be met within an ARP.   Your case worker will also communication the panel’s decision back to you.

Admissions is based on the documents submitted to panel (and a possible obesrvation from the panel).  

To visit the ARP prior to making your decision please contact our Assistant Principal, Shelley Towersey,  


Where is the ARP?

The ARP is located in our KS2 building. We have our own learning area, which is organised to ensure children with Autism feel safe and calm in the learning environment. We have separate play areas for some of the children in the ARP that find the mainstream playground over stimulating.

We have three classes – one for KS1, one for lower KS2 and one for upper KS2. Each class has a qualified teacher and two SEN support assistants.

What is the ARP curriculum?

All of our staff have extensive knowledge and training on autism and inclusion. The aim of our ARP is that all students feel included and accepted. We encourage our students to be as big a part of the mainstream school as possible while providing an emotionally secure place for our students at times where they may find aspects of mainstream school demanding.

Due to the nature of the ARP curriculum, children may move between classes or remain with one teacher for more than one academic year.  This very much age and ability dependend and decided by the ARP team along with the external agencies working with the children. 

All of the lessons in our ARP are:

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What other agencies are involved?

All our external professionals as commissioned through the London Borough of Merton. 

Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) - Miss Vanessa Kurankye, Specialist ASD Speech and Language Therapist

All children in our resource base work with Merton’s Speech and Language Therapist works with our pupils.  Our therpist is called Miss Vanessa.   The therapist works creates a personalised speech and language therapy programme that is shared with all staff working with the children.   Each class also received weekly social and communication group sessions where the children focus on age specific and social communication needs associated with Autism

Educational Psychologist (EP) - Ms Vikki Smith, Senior Educational Psychologist 

The ARP works closely with Merton’s Educational Psychology team, where a specific psychologist is allocated to the ARP for regular liaison and review of pupils' progress. Specific consideration is given to reviewing the progress of pupils in Year 5, before their transfer to secondary school.

Occupational Therapy (OT) - Ms Molly McCarroll, Educational Occupational Therapist

The ARP works with Therapists from Londons Children's Practice.  They will assess and manage interventions for the pupils, who have OT identified as a provision in their EHCP. All children are assessed and provided with an individual programme of OT that will support their gross and fine motor skills.  Many of our children are also provided with a sensory programme to further support their sensory needs that are linked to their diagnosis of Autism. OT is only provided to children who have this identified on their EHCP Section F. 


Our KS1 and KS2 children are assessed using the National Curriculum.  They are assessed using standardised testing at their abliity level. SEN (Special Educational Needs) Support Plans are reviewed and written each term for all of the ARP pupils.  If your child is academically and emotionally able to access the Y1 Phonics Screening or Key Stage 1 and 2 SATS we will support them in doing so. 

Communication with parents
Many of the children travel to school each day on transport provided by the Local Education Authority. Email or Home/school communication books provide an opportunity for parents and staff to communicate on a daily basis. In addition to the  Education, Health and Care Plan Annual Review meeting, parent review meetings are held each term to discuss each child's progress. Parents are welcome to call or email their class teacher if they have any questions.

Transitions into the ARP are personalised to each child.  The ARP lead and their new class teacher will visit your child in their current school to meet and observe them.  They will speak to the adults working with your child and create a transition plan that will best support the change that your child will be experiencing.  

We work with our local secondary schools to ensure transition is smooth to their new setting.  We have recently had children move to Bensham Manor, Cricket Green, Vanguard and Raynes Park Additional Resource Base. 

Name of our ARP Lead: Shelley Towersey

ARP Lead: Shelley Towersey


phone: 0208 679 3707
Address: Harris Primary Academy Merton, Abbotts Road, Mitcham, Surrey, CR4 1JW

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